Industrial Evolution

Dates and times

22 July - 10 December

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To say that Enfield was once an industrial hub is an understatement – the borough has played host to a wide range of industries, each one at the forefront of production and technique. It contained the largest area of market gardening in the UK, saw mass production of small arms after the Napoleonic War, and was the epicenter of electrical engineering and invention that sparked the technological industrial revolution.

From market gardening and small arms to electrical engineering and invention, Enfield’s industrial heritage is staggering. Enfield Museum’s exhibition will explore just some of the industries to have flourished in the borough. This borough wide celebration will be based at the DAC, but also incorporates an outdoor touring exhibition and satellite displays in our hub libraries.

Open from 22 July until 10 December.

Based at DAC, outdoor touring exhibition and hub libraries. Keep an eye out for our activity programme throughout the year!

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Outdoor Touring Exhibition Schedule

Edmonton Green Shopping Centre - 24th July to 7th August

Pymmes Park - 7th August to 4th September

Grovelands Park - 4th September to 25th September

Broomfield Park - 25th September to 16th October

Enfield Island Village - 16th October to 6th November

Albany Park - 6th November to 4th December

Library Museum Displays

Edmonton Green Library - from 14th August

Palmers Green Library - from 15th August

Ordnance Unity Library - from 16th August

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The Industrial Evolution Exhibition at Dugdale Arts Centre is open until December 2023