Free to be Me: Celebrating South Asian Heritage Month

Dates and times

26 July-8 Aug

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Free to be Me: Celebrating South Asian Heritage Month at DAC

Join us at DAC for a vibrant series of events celebrating South Asian Heritage Month. 

Friday 26 July

Chef Dom’s Happy Hour: Spice & Sizzle

5-10pm | Free entry

Enjoy a vibrant takeover of Enfield’s favourite Friday night, featuring a fragrant fusion of South Asian-Italian cuisine, signature cocktails, and live entertainment co-curated with multifaceted DJ, producer, broadcaster and Creative Director of Mehfil Arts, Rohan Rakhit (DAYTIMERS). Immerse yourself in rich cultural traditions and flavours to celebrate South Asian Heritage Month.

Saturday 27 July

Echoes of Bengal: Celebrating Bangladeshi Heritage

12-4pm | Free entry

Whether you have roots in Bangladesh or simply wish to experience its rich culture, join us for a day full of everything from performance, storytelling and folklore with Tamarind Theatre & Mukhul and Ghetto Tigers to arts and crafts, local histories and culinary delights – fun for the whole family.

Thursday 6 August

Polite Society (12A)

7pm | £6

A merry mash up of sisterly affection, parental disappointment and bold action, 'Polite Society' follows martial artist-in-training Ria Khan who believes she must save her older sister Lena from her impending marriage. 

Certified Fresh (90%) on Rotten Tomatoes

“Films that are this much breathless fun come around infrequently.” – Empire ★★★★